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It has never been easier before to Understand Your Customer's Behavior, Needs, and Feels. Convert get easier now.


Discover the interaction and Which part gets the most attention. Stop guessing save your efforts and time.

Session Recording

Replay your visitor's recording from entry to exit and Spot the Problems, Pain points, and Bugs.

Event Center

Find out the right answer for How to Increase and Where the sales come from? Discover the power of Data.

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It only takes a few minutes to get started. Start free, today.

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Understand your customers behavior , Feelings and Needs.

Don't worry, Our tools will enable you to see the full journey about your customers, Spot your customer's problems and pain points.

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Growth, Loyalty, More sales and Numbers.

Discover opportunities to improve with pain point precision and make the right changes with reliable insights from actual users.

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Trust, Loyalty, User Experience How to Improve?

The purchase decision is highly emotional, so the more you spend developing User Experience the more success you will gain.

Stack Analytix become one of the most important tools that I use to analyze the data of visitors to my site, which surprised me with the accuracy of its results, which surpassed the competitors and greatly increased the conversion rate, which reflected significantly on sales.
Taher Abdelhameed Marketing Consultant
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