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Yes, we offer a free plan that is unlimited in time, commitments, or requesting any payment data, just register your account and start immediately

This service is only available on the premium plan, or you can order it for only $3

We store data for 90 days and up to 365 days in paid plans

Yes, you can easily, just change the subscription or add a subscription

After upgrading your account, you cannot go back to the free plan, you can request to delete your account and create a new account on the free plan

Stack Analytics will not affect the performance or security of your site in any way. The file size of Stack Analytics does not exceed 200 KB and this is a very simple size

There is no need to worry about these requests, first, their size does not exceed 30 bytes, and this size is so small that it takes less than 100 milliseconds. Do not worry at all. We use advanced technology to reduce the size of requests for Stack Analytix servers and also this helps you to access reports faster

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